When a player chooses to participate in online casino gaming, the first thing that the gamer will have to do is sign up. The sign up process means you have to submit some of your personal identification data (name, residence, age, etc.) and pay an entrance deposit. You also load up cash in your bankroll so that you can start betting or playing the slots.

So, how do you deposit money on your virtual casino’s bank account? Here are the following best deposit strategies we have for you:

Best Deposit Bonus Casino Method #1: Paying with gift cards.

Some countries has deemed it illegal for online casinos to operate in their territories. They also do not allow players based there to participate in online gambling. Of course, these countries may want to protect their citizens from abusing online gambling and perhaps succumb to addiction, so it is quite understandable. However, for those who have self-control when it comes to gambling, and cannot use their credit cards, there is a solution: A way to get credit is to buy a gift card. These gift cards (an example will be Gift2go) can be bought in gift shops, gas stations or even at drug stores.

You can now open an online casino account using these gift cards. However, before you use these gift cards, make sure that it is legal in your country to use it for online gambling purposes. These gift cards have a policy that states that certain citizens of a country cannot use their gift cards for online gambling. So, register your residency from another country or if you have friends abroad, ask them to register the account and load the gift card for you.

Best Deposit Bonus Casino Method #2: Opening an Epassporte account.

Another way to get a Visa debit card which you will be using to make deposits at virtual casinos is by starting an account with Epassporte.

Best Deposit Bonus Casino Method #3: Open accounts in 3rd party eCommerce sites like PayPal or Paysafe.

These cards are great because they protect you from online credit card thieves. You also have control over the amount you want to put on these money transfer sites so you can budget the money you spend on gambling.

Remember, before doing anything or before agreeing to give information about your account, make sure to do your research. Be a responsible gamer.